What causes puffy eyes in the morning? pictures


No one likes to wake up in the morning and see those ugly puffy eyes. But what causes these, and are there things we can do to prevent this? Here we will discuss some of the more common factors that contribute to morning eyes that are puffy. First off, how you sleep can cause puffy eyes. For instance, those who sleep with an elevated head will see fewer instances of puffy eyes, as the elevation will help pull fluids away from your eyes. The length of your sleep can also have an effect on your eyes. Typically when you get little or no sleep, your blood vessels dilate and are pulled towards the surface, thereby giving you puffy, dark eyes. Lastly, and maybe strange to some people, is the fact that what you eat or drink before bed can have some effect on your eyes. Alcohol and salty foods often cause puffy eyes. This is because alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated, and also causes your skin to thin out. Salt causes your body to retain water, causing puffy eyes. In both of these instances, drinking water will help the body refresh itself. So, if puffy eyes are common for you, remember these three factors. There are things that you can do to reduce your puffy eyes, and give yourself a fresh start in the morning.

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