Eat less red meat, Government scientists warn pictures


Many people love their red meat; I know we sure do in our house. Steak, beef, sausage, bacon, pork. However, research has shown that red meat may be at least partly responsible for bowel cancer. Studies have shown a correlation between the two, but determining how much of a correlation is tough because there are so many variable involved. Based on this research, experts are advising that people limit their red meat intake to 1 ? pounds a week, or 70g a day. Studies have shown that people who ate 160g daily showed a 1/3 higher incident of bowel cancer. Red meat, as well as processed meat, has also been shown to correlate with stomach, breast, and bladder cancers, though the correlation is not as strong. But why this correlation? Well, research has shown that there is a pigment in red meat that can damage your digestive systems cell DNA, which is one of the first signs of cancer. Red meat has also been shown to be partly responsible for heart disease and diabetes, Type 2. Red meat and obesity also have a correlation, and obesity in itself creates its own health problems. Make your own choice in what you consume, but be aware of the research.

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