Vitamin B can help with stress, so where do you get it from? pictures


Everyone stresses out at one time or another in their life. Many of us stress over money, kids, school, our jobs, and the future in general. Times are hard right now the world over, and now more than ever people are fearing and stressing over these things. With stress comes both good and bad. The good is that sometimes we work a little harder and better when stress comes. However, the bad is that many health problems are linked to stress, including depression, heart problems, digestive problems, weight gain or loss, and anxiety. Most of us would be relieved to know that there are things we can do, and foods we can eat, that will help us with the issues associated with stress. The best of these nutrients is B vitamins, which works with the chemistry of the brain and its neurotransmitters to give us balance in our lives, and the ability to manage stress when it pops up. Among the B vitamins that can help you relieve stress include B1 (Thiamine), which keeps your nervous system healthy, and helps stabilize mood as well as improve concentration and memory; B3 (Niacin) which helps nerves and the digestive system, and can control ones blood sugar; and B9 (Folic Acid) which is essential to give our bodies energy, and cannot be created by the body alone. So what foods should one eat when stressed and looking for B vitamins to help? Well, there are many that contain these vitamins. Here are just a few: almonds, fish, broccoli, whole-grains pastas and rice, sushi, milk, cottage cheese and cantaloupe, beef, breakfast cereals (fortified), and blueberries. So next time you are feeling stressed out, for whatever reason, eat a few of these foods and get some B vitamins in your system. It will help!

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