Those with children tend to be sick less often pictures


Believe it or not, parents have been found to become sick less often than those who do not have kids. The studied theorized that this was because of some unknown psychological or behavioral differences between parents and non-parents. In fact, research found that among those who became sick after being exposed to the virus, the illness was present in 50% less often in parents. This shows that maybe there is some factor that is present in parents that makes their immune system stronger, or simply makes it harder for them to get sick. While this may seem a little counterintuitive, it actually makes sense physically. This is because when children get sick, parents often begin to develop antibodies that protect from these viruses. But this was just a small piece of the puzzle, and may not even be a relevant piece based on the studies. What was also interesting is that those who had more children, had even lower rates of infection. And an even lower incidence occurred in those whose children did not live at home. Although this research is still new, and there are still many questions, it shows some correlation between these factors, and leaves open plenty of room for other scientists in the future. In the meantime, look around you and see if notice these patterns too. There may be something to this study. Keep a lookout for more information on this idea and see what happens!

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