At what age is it safe to begin playing sports? pictures


Kids love to watch sports, and many of them want to be a star! when they grow up, be it a football, basketball, or soccer player. However, many sports are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. So, when is it safe to let your children begin organized sports? Well, the answer is it depends on your child. Start too young, and the experience can be terrible. Same if you start too late. So what factors should one consider when deciding this question? There are a few. One of the most important is determining your childs physical and emotional readiness. Typically, first grade is when this hits and organized sports can be started. However, you should also consider the size of your child and their emotional maturity; this should also include how well they follow rules and directions. Another important factor is the team spirit of the child. This can include following rules, working together, and taking turns/sharing. If your child is not quite ready for organized sports, do not fret, There are many other options available. These include dancing, swimming, bowling, and even running. Competitive sports are even more demanding, and most kids do not start until 6 or older. Kids have to be able to understand winning and losing, as well as have the ability to compare themselves to others. Sometimes we put our kids in sports and see that they are lacking behind their teammates a bit. If this happens, just keep an eye out and make sure things are going ok. So take a good assessment of your child and see if they are ready to begin playing sports yet or not. They will love when they are ready, and the experience can be a great one.

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