Can singing help reduce stress and clear the mind? pictures


People love music, and it has been a large part of human culture for thousands of years. Many people also use it as a stress relief and management tool. Many types of slow and relaxing music, such as classical, can even have physical effects on the body, such as slowing down the heart rate and pulse, lowering stress hormones, and reducing blood pressure. Also, because music can absorb us and take all of our attention, it is a great distraction from lifes daily stressors. This can also give us an opportunity to explore our emotions, and let out anger, frustration, and even sadness. Another connection that research has seen with music is a higher productivity level in people, which is caused by the lower stress levels. There are many ways to listen to music during the day, even with a busy schedule. This can include putting CDs in the car, a radio on while in the shower or bath, stereo instead of TV, or putting music on your phone or MP3 player to take with you. There are also a few other great benefits that come from listening to music. Among these include: the reduction of anxiety before and after surgery; reduced depression symptoms and higher self-esteem; reduced pain; improved mood; and lower stress and higher quality of life for cancer patients. Music has also been known to help children with learning and mental disabilities, especially in autistic children. Music is wonderful, and with so many benefits, there is no reason to not go out there and enjoy some.

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