Can eating dark chocolate reduce your risk of stroke? pictures


The answer may be yes. Recent research done in Sweden, which followed over 37,000 men, showed that those who eat more chocolate have a smaller risk of having a stroke than those who eat less, or none. Those who were part of this study were monitored for over 10 years, and eating habits, as well as overall health, were both monitored during that time. Other studies have also shown that chocolate can help heart health as well. So why is chocolate so beneficial for us? The answer may be flavonoids. These have been shown to protect against cardiovascular diseases using anti-clotting, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Many even say that these flavonoids can also decrease the bad cholesterol in the blood, and even lower blood pressure. All types of chocolate have shown to be beneficial, including both dark and milk. Although this study was done on men in particular, there is no proof that it would not do the same for women. One must be aware that overeating chocolate will not help you, and it also should be part of a healthy, balanced diet. Chocolate can help, but it is also full of calories, sugar, and fat, and should only be consumed in moderation in order to get the full benefit, and few of the downsides. Chocolate is delicious, and also can have many benefits. And with so many flavors and types out there, one has few excuses to not eat it on occasion and not only enjoy a great tasting treat, but also reap the few health benefits that it can provide.

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