Eating beans helps prevent cancer and obesity pictures


Many people love beans, and with so many varieties out there, how can you not? Beans are not only delicious, but they also are extremely healthy for us. To start off with, they are packed with protein and fiber. But, many people do not know that beans can help us not only maintain a healthy weight, but even help us lose weight. This is because beans are known to help stifle hunger by getting rid of your sweet tooth, stabilizing your blood sugar, and preventing afternoon snacks. The best part is that it doesnt take many to get these effects. Some of the many varieties of beans include: green peas, pinto beans, chickpeas, black beans, and lima beans. You can also spice and flavor them in various ways. Doctors recommend that you eat about a cup of these daily. Research has shown that people who eat beans have better diets overall and lower body weights. Beans may even be able to help lower cholesterol and reduce the chances of diabetes. There has also been some research to show that beans may help reduce the risk of cancer as well. The study showed that those who ate beans at least twice a week had a 50% lower risk of cancer than those who did not eat beans. It has also been said that in general, beans can lower the risks of breast and prostate cancer. We hear bean jokes all the time, but in reality these legumes are very healthy for us and can help one live a healthier, better life. So go out there and eat some beans today.

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