How does melatonin help you sleep? pictures


Melatonin is a hormone that is created by the pineal gland in the brain. Its main purpose is to help your sleep and wake schedule. It is commonly found in small doses in foods such as meats, fruits, grains, and vegetables. Many people also buy it as a supplement. You body has an internal clock that helps you to sleep and wake, and in part, this clock controls how much melatonin your produce. However, many people dont know that light can affect how much melatonin is produced. This is seen during the winter months when your body can produce melatonin earlier or later in the day. It is common for melatonin levels to lower with age; some older adults produce none at all. Often people take this as a supplement for things such as jet lag or insomnia. Some other uses can include reducing chronic headaches, helping sleep patterns of those who work overnights, and treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Some say that it can be taken to help prevent cancer from spreading, can strengthen your immune system, and can possibly slow down the aging process. However, these are all still theories.There are some side effects of taking this in a supplement, including: vivid dreams, lower body temperature, groggy mornings, changes in blood pressure, and sleepiness. Before one begins to use any supplement, they should be sure to talk to their doctor first and make sure they are doing so safely. Go out there and try some melatonin, and get a great nights sleep tonight.

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