St Johní»s Wort can help your depression pictures


Many of us have heard that St. Johní»s Wort can help us in many ways. Recent studies have shown that it may also be able to help with depression symptoms. While the results are not final, there has been some correlation between St. Johní»s Wort and a reduction in minor depression. The results that were seen were similar to those when a patient uses antidepressants. However, for major depression symptoms, the results were not clear and there appeared to be no correlation. There are many ways to take this herb, including in pill and liquid form. The dried plant is often also used as a tea. There are some side effects to taking St. Johní»s Wort. These can include: fatigue; restlessness; allergic reactions; increase in blood pressure; increase in sun sensitivity; and upset stomach. If St. Johní»s Wort is combined with some antidepressants, there can be fatal consequences. Rarely psychosis has been seen as a side effect. One should make sure to talk to a doctor before starting a new regimen, and be aware that St. Johní»s Wort can weaken the effectiveness of many prescription medications, including birth control, antidepressants, and some cancer medications. Depression is a terrible disease, and one that many people deal with daily. There are many things that one can do to treat it, and St. Johní»s Wort may help. However, since the science is still out, it would be wise to take to a doctor before trying this. You never know, it may help.

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