Do our emotions cause white hair? pictures


There is a myth out there that says Marie Antoinettes hair turned white overnight pending her date with the guillotine. There are also many that say this is simply not true. However, many scientists have found some correlation between the stresses of daily living and white hair. Typically, grey hair starts to show its ugly head for women at around 35, and for men at around 30. There are some people, however, who start seeing grey hairs in high school, and for others, they see none until their 50s! Greying hair is caused by a variety of factors, and is why we all experience this stage in life differently. Stress is one of these factors. Stress releases hormones that may create inflammation of the molecules that cause our hair to grey, which can make hair turn grey faster. Doctors have also seen this: their more stressed-out patients grey much faster than those with lower stress levels. There is also evidence that genetics could also be part of the greying process. One scientist said that stress and lifestyle can give you a variation of plus or minus 5-10 years. There are many things pointing towards stress making us grey quicker, but the science is still not certain how and why. While you may not have total control over your hair and when it greys, there are things you can do to help (maybe) prolong the process. Finding good ways to relieve your stress might be the first of those things. Good exercise, playing sports, or simply a quiet walk can all help.

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