Honey can help relieve cough pictures


Winter often brings sickness and colds. These in turn cause us to cough, which can be annoying, uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful, and often can prevent us from sleeping at night. Coughing serves the purpose of expelling mucus and/or irritants from the lungs. Coughing is a natural body reflex stimulated by the respiratory system. There are two types of coughing, and each is treated differently. The first type is the chest cough, which causes phlegm to loosen and expel. The second type is the dry cough, which does not produce phlegm. There are many things that we can use for these coughs, but here we will focus on honey and its effects on the dry cough. Note that honey should not be used for chest coughs as this will restrict the phlegm from releasing. However, honey is a great treatment and prevention for the dry cough. Honey helps with dry coughs by coating the back of your throat, which will soothe the irritation, as well as prevent stimulation of the sensory nerves. And although this is only a temporary solution, a tablespoon of honey straight, or mixed with hot water and lemon, will at the very least help you get a nights rest. Research has even shown that honey can be more effective than over-the-counter medications. It should be warned that one should not give honey to children under the age of 1 because of the health risks. However, if you are suffering from a dry cough and are looking for a suppressant, honey may be just the solution you need.

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