Having good friends can help you live better pictures


Friends are an amazing gift. They fill gaps in our lives that even our spouses cannot. They help us remember who we really are, and sooth our inner being. Now, scientists at UCLA have found that our friends can even help us respond to stress in a way that reduces the physical symptoms caused by it. This is because when women stress out, their brains release chemicals that make us create and maintain friendships with other women. Before this recent study, people were certain that when stress came, the brain only triggered a fight or flight response. However, the research at UCLA says that women release oxytocin when they stress. Oxytocin has been shown to buffer this fight or flight instinct, and instead encourage the woman to gather her children and friends, which then reduces stress and helps calm her by releasing more oxytocin. This same effect does not happen in men because testosterone, released when men stress, reduces the effects of oxytocin, whereas estrogen tends to enhance it. ?Research has also shown that this could be connected with women outliving men more often than not. Womens social ties tend to reduce their risk of diseases by lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Women with many friends have been found to be less likely to develop physical impairment associated with age, and were more likely to be enjoying life. Some researchers even say that not having friends is as detrimental on health as being overweight or smoking. So next time you are having a hard day, call up a friend or two and calm yourself down. It will help you live longer.

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