Breast milk could help prevent cancer pictures


Many mothers know that breastfeeding their newborn has many benefits. Among these include higher IQs, faster weight loss, and even cancer prevention. Recent medical research has shown that there is a protein in breast milk that does help prevent cancer. This protein is called Trail, and is not found in formula. Our blood also contains this protein; however, it is 400 times higher in breast milk than blood. This is an enormous amount, and coupled with what is already in the blood, there is an army fighting off cancer cells. The best news is that this protein can combat many forms of cancer, including Hodgkins disease, lymphoblastic leukemia, and neuroblastoma. Scientists are saying that breastfeeding your child will help reduce the harms of cancer in two ways: it prevents cancer from forming, but if it does form, breast milk can fight the cancerous cells. There is also research that shows breastfeeding can help prevent breast cancer from forming in mom as well as baby, if a girl. Some of the theories for this include: lower estrogen exposure over a lifetime; breastfeeding brings with it fewer menstrual cycles; carcinogens which are stored in fat cannot store in lactating breasts; and breastfeeding makes the breast cells more resistant to cancer mutations. Breastfeeding is a personal choice, but it is a choice that can help you and your baby live longer, healthier lives.

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