Staying active can help control hot flashes during menopause pictures


Most women know that menopause is not a fun life experience. Hot flashes, mood swings, all the hormonal changes that come along with it. Hot flashes are caused by these hormonal changes, and more specifically estrogen that is decreased. This causes the temperature-regulating part of the brain to receive mixed signals which can cause you to feel hot, creating a bodily response of increased heart rate, skin flush, and sweat. The good news is there are ways to reduce these awful symptoms. One great way to reduce hot flashes is to partake in regular physical activity; in fact, women who exercise on a regular basis have shown to have ? as many instances of hot flashes that women who are sedentary. Exercise helps the body stay in a calm state by releasing hormones and lowering your resting heart rate. This calmness helps reduce the number of hot flashes that are experienced. Menopausal women should participate in both aerobic and resistance exercise programs. An ideal program would entail three to five days of aerobic activity, and a weight-type training two to three days per week. Be sure to warm up and cool down before and after your workout. These workouts can include swimming, biking, jogging, or simply walking. Remember to always talk with your doctor before starting an exercise routine. You can fight the symptoms of menopause, while at the same time enjoying your life.

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