Treat your earache with a nasal wash using warm saltwater pictures


Most parents know that a baby with an earache is not fun to be around, so we do everything we can to treat the pain quickly. Earaches are typically caused by fluid that causes pressure on the eardrum, and during the cold, the tubes which connect the middle ear to the throat tend to become clogged, which also causes pain. There are many safe remedies that one can administer right in their own home to help relieve the pain. One of these remedies is simply placing a few drops of warm olive oil into the ear, which will soothe the inflamed ear. Another remedy is to have the baby sleep with the ear facing up, which will cause the fluid to drain away from the eardrum. One important treatment that people often do not think of is clearing out the nose. This will get the nasal fluids moving, which in turn will unplug and drain the ear tubes. The nose can simply be hosed out by gently squirting warm saltwater into the nose and following up with a gentle suction. Another simple trick is to wiggle the ears by pulling the lobe down and out a few times. This will sometimes pop open the tube and drain the ear, similar to yawning during air travel. Lastly, one should be looked at by a doctor any time there is an earache in order to guarantee it is nothing serious. Earaches are no fun, but there are plenty of easy and cheap remedies that can be done at home to at least help baby, as well as mom and dad, sleep through the night.

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