Electric hair: Why? pictures


We have all had our hair stand up from static electricity. But what really causes this crazy phenomenon? Atoms are composed of protons, electrons, and neutrons. These particles become charged, both negative and positive. The old saying that opposites attract is true, in many senses. And this sense is no different. If there are two things with different charges, they will attract towards each other. When two thing with the same charge are near each other, they will repel and push away from each other. This is what happens with our hair: when something rubs on it and charges it up, these charges are all the same. The hair charge positively, and when this happens, the hair stands up the way it does because each strand is trying to get away from each other, as far as they can. The winter seems to be the worst time for static electricity in your hair. This is because the air during the winter is dry, and the moisture in the summer air helps the electrons leave your body quicker, so the static electricity does not build up as much. Using a good moisturizer, or simply not wearing a hat are both good ways to avoid your hair standing on end from static electricity. The concept of why our hair stands on end, whether when we rub it with a balloon, or take off a wool cap is simple, and makes sense. Now you can tell people when you see this happen why and look like a a true scientist.

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