Can earplugs be harmful? pictures


Many people use earplugs for a variety of activities, such as keeping out sounds or keeping out water. Although these can be beneficial for many people, there are risks associated with them. Typically these risks form when the earplugs are used for a prolonged amount of time, or improperly. One issue that can arise from the use of earplugs is impacted ear wax. Earplugs can prevent ones ear wax from properly draining, which can create problems such as tinnitus, or ringing in the ears; hearing loss; pain; and even infection. Prevention comes in the form of cleaning the ears on a regular basis. Also remember to clean and replace your earplugs often. Another issue with earplugs comes when they are used at dangerous times, such as while driving. Lastly, ear infections can be caused by earplugs. This often happens when we dont clean our plugs properly, and we fail to replace them regularly. It is common for bacteria to grow on earplugs, and even more so on foam earplugs, as this material is prime grounds for the growth of bacteria. Ear infections can be painful. One way to prevent many of these issues is to use sound proof headphones rather than earplugs to keep sounds out. These are less likely to harm the ears, and bacteria will not want to grow on these. Sometimes we need ear protection for various activities, but it is important that you are following important steps to keep this practice, and yourself, safe and healthy.

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