Which fruits are fattening? pictures


While we have all been taught that fruits and vegetables are healthy, and that we should get our fair share of them into our systems, this is not entirely true. This is because some of these fruits and veggies can actually make us fat. These are the ones that are high in sugars and starches. Raisins are one of the most fattening fruits because they are dehydrated. This causes the sugar to become concentrated. Prunes are fattening for similar reasons: they too are dehydrated. Many people buy canned fruits during off seasons or for a small package to toss into a lunch. These are typically stored in heavy syrups, but the ones in water and juice are usually ok. The corn syrup that these are stored in are very high in calories, and have a ton of sugar added. Apples can also help you put on the pounds, if you have too many. Potatoes can also be fattening, but usually only certain types. These potatoes, mainly white and sweet, are high in starches, which mean they are high in calories. Potatoes are also bad because we fry them, and add things like salt and butter. We know this isn’t good for us, but it is great. The fact is that too much of anything, even if it’s good for us. Making sure we keep a balanced diet, get our full, but only full, amount of calories, and keeping a good exercise routine is a great way to keep the pounds off, and live a much healthier life.

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