What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency? pictures


We all know that calcium is good for our teeth and bones, our heart, muscles, and many other functions. However, if a woman fails to get the adequate amount of calcium, she will experience some symptoms. If any of these symptoms are experienced, one should speak with a doctor to find a remedy, typically consisting of a diet change or supplements. The first of these symptoms is bone loss. This created frail bones in a person, bones which are easily fractured or broken. If this goes untreated, a woman can develop osteoporosis. Often this is hard to diagnose, and it is recommended that women over 40 often should get bone density tests to make sure calcium levels are sufficient. Another symptom is muscle spasms and numbness. This is because lack of calcium can cause the nerves to send improper signals. This is commonly seen in the fingers, toes, and face. Irregular heart rhythms is another symptoms that one may experience with low calcium levels. Sometimes low calcium levels are due to other ailments, such as kidney and thyroid disease, alcoholism, or intestinal disorders. often these patients develop difficulty with breathing or shortness of breath. Lastly, one can experience seizures or a coma from calcium deficiencies. This is because the brain needs calcium to functions, and the lack thereof created confusion, psychosis, or fatigue. Making sure that you get enough calcium in your body will not only help your bones, it can save your life.

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