Licorice root can help those with low blood pressure pictures


Hypertension, or low blood pressure, is a condition that affects many people. One issue with low blood pressure is that it is often missed by doctors, and not diagnosed. There are many things that can cause low blood pressure, but there are also things that can be done to help balance your blood pressure and reduce your symptoms. Some causes of low blood pressure include dehydration, not eating, stress (both emotional and mental), and moving from the sitting to standing position. Dizziness when standing, feeling faint, trouble concentrating, and weakness are all symptoms of low blood pressure. If you are experiencing light headedness from your low blood pressure, or issues with blood sugar, taking a licorice regime can help reduce the appearance of some of these symptoms. This root increases your blood pressure by assisting your adrenal glands in producing more cortisol. Cortisol will raise your blood pressure because it helps the kidneys retain water and sodium. Licorice root has also been used as an anti-viral and anti-fungal. Some people experience some weight gain due to the water retention. Low blood pressure can affect your life. But there is hope. If dizziness, trouble concentrating, and fatigue are ruining your life, talk to a doctor about taking a licorice root supplement and get your blood pressure up to normal in no time.

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