Signs of a sunburn on your skin pictures


Having a sunburn can be miserable. Usually we know when we have a sunburn because of the tenderness of the skin, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Let’s talk about a few of the ways that you can tell you have a sunburn. Some of the more mild symptoms include pink or redness on the skin; skin that is warm or hot when touched; or painful/tender skin. Some of the more severe symptoms include swelling, blisters, or even headache, fever, or fatigue (though this one is more common on large burns). It is good to know that nearly any part of the body can burn, including your earlobes, lips, and even your scalp. Sunburned skin usually shows symptoms within a few hours after exposure. However, the extent and severity of the burn may not show up for a day or more. When your burn begins to heal, it will typically peel off the top layer. This could take a few days or more to happen. You should see a doctor for your burn if the blisters cover a large part of the body; you suffer from a very high fever, nausea, or chills; or your burn does not get better with care after a few days. If you think you may have an infection, seeing drainage or increased pain, you should also see a doctor. Having a sunburn is usually pretty miserable, so catching it early and getting some treatment on it is always a good idea. So go out there and enjoy the sun safely. Remember to protect your skin!

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