Love and its effects on the psyche pictures


Many people say that love is like a drug, that it gives them that high feeling. But is this really true? Well, research has shown that it may be, that love may give our brains that same feeling as drugs like cocaine or pain relievers do. There are many chemicals that are released into our brains when we are in love. One of the main chemicals that are released when you are in love is dopamine, the same chemical that is released when you take cocaine. This increases your energy. Falling in love also releases? adrenaline, which is why when you bump into your love, you tend to sweat, your heart beats faster, and your mouth tends to go dry. Serotonin is another chemical that is released, and is the same chemical that is in the brain of OCD patients. Love also releases a powerful hormone, oxytocin, which is the chemical that helps us bond with not only our lover, but also our children. Love does indeed do crazy things to the brain, and can make it feel the same as being on drugs. We wonder why we do crazy things when we are in love, and now you have some sense of why that is. Love is like a drug, just like all the pop songs say it is. So go out there and enjoy your love while giving your brain a great high, legally and safely.

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