Lose weight easier by keeping a food diary and cutting your food into smaller pieces pictures


If you want to lose weight, but diets and exercise are just not enough, think about keeping a food diary. Research has shown that women who keep a food diary, do not skip meals, do not eat out, and eat smaller pieces of food on average lose more weight than those who do not follow these steps. It has been shown that when you write down what you eat, you are holding yourself more accountable. Writing down what you ate puts it into perspective and can make it real: yes, you really ate that much. Being honest with yourself when you are trying to lose weight is the best way to lay it out and let you see what you need to change and where you need to cut back. Also, those who skip meals tend to grab high calories snacks on the go. This does not help your journey. There are a few other things that you can do to help, such as using smaller dishes, which will help you take smaller portions; and cutting your food into smaller pieces helps because when we see a piece of chicken cut up into many pieces, it looks like a lot more food than it is. This mental trick does work. So if you have struggled with losing weight, have tried many diets, and have yet to see any success, think about starting a food diary to help. It will work.

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