Liposuction: What are the risks? pictures


Many of us could lose a few pounds to be in better shape and a little healthier. For us, all we need is a healthier diet and a little exercise. However, there are some people who need to lose much more than a few pounds. They too can use diet and exercise to help, but there is another solution. Liposuction is an option that we can use to get rid of those ugly pounds, and help us get that body that we want. If you are thinking about liposuction, and have only heard of the good, read on and see what risks are involved with this procedure. If they are risks you are willing to take, then talk to a doctor about liposuction. There are some general risks that occur with all surgeries. These include bleeding and reactions to anesthesia. Some of the more dangerous risks can include skin irregularities, such as bumpy, wavy or withered skin. This is caused by uneven removal of the fat and can be permanent. The tube used during surgery, the cannula, can also give your skin a spotted appearance. You could also develop a skin infection which, although rare, could be life-threatening. During surgery, the cannula can penetrate too deep and puncture one of your internal organs, leading to emergency surgery. Your kidneys and heart can have problems from surgery. Embolisms, pieces of loose fat, can break and travel into the blood vessels. These can go to the lungs or brain, and could lead to death if not taken care of right away. Think about these risks before!

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