On what days are you most likely to get pregnant? pictures


Oftentimes, getting pregnant with a baby can be a challenge. But when you are struggling to conceive a baby, there are some tips and time frames that must be monitored in order to know when the ideal time to attempt to conceive is. The only time that you can get pregnant is during ovulation. Knowing your ovulation cycle can be difficult, mainly because every woman has a different cycle, and different factors can change your cycle. Some of these factors include exercise and stress. One important thing that you can do to learn your cycle is to keep a calendar of when your period starts and ends. Ovulation typically occurs at the middle of your cycle, so if you have a 28 day cycle, your ovulation day would be about 14 days after the day your period begins. Some signs of ovulation include changes in cervical mucus, which will typically look like raw eggs. The body temperature will also fluctuate; for instance, ovulation can cause an increase in your body temperature. Most women are highly fertile 2-3 days before your temperature rises. However, the change will only be a degree or less. Keeping a good, healthy lifestyle is important while you are trying to conceive. So go out there, keep track of your body changes and cycle, and make a gorgeous and happy baby in no time.

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