Some simple makeup tips pictures


Many of us ladies think we know what we are doing when it comes to makeup, but do we really? There are some simple steps and tips that you can follow to get a gorgeous and natural look. To begin with, start with a good, natural foundation. The best way to do this is to mix your favorite face cream with your favorite liquid foundation in your hand and then apply. You can get a great smokey eye look if you blend properly. Places such as the jaw line and under the cheekbone are great for a good contour, which will recede a wide or round area and give a chiseled illusion. Try to use a color about a shade or two darker than your foundation. If you suffer from dry lips, use a hot wet cloth to exfoliate, rubbing it across. We all know that plucking our brows can hurt, so try putting on a little Ambesol before you go at it. It will numb that area and make the process much less painful. Smoking and drinking alcohol are both really bad for your skin, and can give you early wrinkles, dry skin, and makes your skin look tired and worn out. Never sleep with makeup on; this can dry and crack your skin. It can cause breakouts, as well as prevent your eyelashes from rejuvenating, causing them to thin out over time. Aloe is great for your skin, as it can rebuild your cells, and make it look clear and fresh. With these tips, you can have great skin, and a beautiful face. Your spouse or friends will notice a difference, and you will feel amazing!

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