• tattoo legtat131

    Oh gosh tattoos look like they hurt! If I did get one though..I think Id get a little ladybug because when I was little my mom gave me a little ladybug bracelet that I wore everywhere until it got too small. What would you guys get if you got a tattoo???Im curious!?
  • tattoo latin10

    I want a tattoo of a first nations killer whale design, and a wolf paw tattoo (to be cheesy af but also I really love wolves and I feel a connection with them), and FINALLY, I want a back tattoo of Raava from The Legend of Korra because that show is so special to me.
  • tattoo hindutat037

    I love tattoos too, but I just think this one was a bad idea (not that it looks good or bad) but shes 18 and got a guys name on her face after knowing him for one day. I just worry that if they dont stay together, shes gonna need laser or just have it there.?
  • tattoo hinduwarriortattoo

    Some of these Tattoo artists need to OBSTAIN from crazy requests and use some BETTER JUDGEMENT for the sake of that persons future. especially when it comes to such examples like this. And especially if that person is young and has poor decision making skills.?
  • tattoo hiptat033

    What the tattoo is, can tell you something about his owner, the actual paint or phrase of the tattoo has a meaning that his owner respects/likes/connects with. The meaning of the tattoo is what you may rightfully object about, NOT the FACT that someone has one.?
  • tattoo hiptat040

    Do yourself a favour: Watch this with the CC on.. it is HILARIOUS. For example... at 2:36, they mention something about neck tattoos and the NBA and the CC reads "domain delegate or anyone standing up in the past, not the bombing disease camp" - I kid you not. ?
  • tattoo hiptat043

    Rihanna kissed Chris and played in his hair at the VMAs...If she forgaveem...yall muthafuckin hatin ass YouTube bitches need to shuit the fuck up! Bunch of opinionated faggot muthafuckas! Theyre both laughing all the way to the bank bcuz of homos like yall!?
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