• tattoo lily19

    the body is Gods temple and He said not to mark it up. And there are a lot of people that may not see the meaning of the message and go tattoo up there whole body and then finally get the message and wish they had not done it. but like other sins it can be forgiven.?
  • tattoo lily61 0

    The reason why some Christians are offended by this, is because the bible says to treat your body right because your body is a temple of God and the Holy Spirit is in you and you need to make sure you dont break that. I am Christian but am not offended I support it.?
  • tattoo liptattoo39

    Man, Im amazed at how big of assholes some anti-tattoo people are. I dont have any tattoos, but, christ, get off your high horses. The fact that youre acting this way already makes you far inferior to these people that youre claiming will never get a good job. ?
  • tattoo lion113

    I think Diva is absolutely adorable, I want that breed of dog so badly:) and I honestly never really thought it looked good when people dye their dogs (I think of weird-looking bright pink poodles and that shit) but for some reason it just makes Diva even cuter! ^.^= ?
  • tattoo lion132

    The WTC tat is fucked up! Whos the bigger dick; the person who said oh yeah that would be an awesome tat! or the person who said yeah, go for it dude, Ill do it for you! WTF?! That is one of the most messed up things I have ever seen in my life!!!! Epic asshole!?
  • tattoo lion133

    typical response, so far the only one ive gotten everytime i say that. They say that as if what I said has anything to do with me or any single person. Its all of us. Why not start with you? It just doesnt make sense cuz you and I are insignificant to the big picture.?
  • tattoo lion173

    The only tattoos I liked were the Swastica and the 911 one, and dont say shit that I should burn in hell for liking them, they just look cool, almost everyone would be in love with both those symbols if the twin towers werent bombed, and millions of people murdered!?
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