• tattoo lion62

    good make way its real! I got a tattoo on the back of my neck and i had to buy cheap t shirts and cut the collars off until it healed, no way you were wearing an elastic waistband over an infected tattoo! good acting though, i seriously wanted to cry for you!
  • tattoo liontattoo

    Any tattoo will hurt. Inside the arm is worse than the outside of the arm. On the inside the elbow is fucking murder. But think og it like this, if you have a great idea for a tattoo, its a few hours of agonizing pain and a lifetime of having an awesome tattoo... ;~)?
  • tattoo lilyflowerbackpiecetattoo

    Yeah this is bull shit. If she passed out, she would HAVE to be drunk as hell or high as a kite because no one would actually fall asleep while getting tattooed specially on their face. So like most people said, I think its likely she just lied about the whole thing.?
  • tattoo legtat161

    i am very disappointed in you tyt even though he is probably guilty saying that he is obviously guilty because of the way he looks is like saying oh yea he is black he definitely robbed that guy there is nothing wrong with the way he looks only the things he has done?
  • tattoo jesusfishtattoopicture

    Ugly people dont choose to look ugly I agree. But people with bodymodifications dont get those to be shunned and ridiculed bhy society either. Yes sometimes its a statement of reblion, but more often its an expression of someones creativity and individuality. ?
  • tattoo jesusforearmtattoo

    Eric Hartsburg is 1 of those fickle idiots who dont want the truth heard. Obama won because promised the right people the right government handouts, like medical care, amnesty for children of illegals and at least partial forgiveness of interest on student loans.?
  • tattoo jesusoncrosstattoo

    Youre an idiot. People are turning away from your god now too... and guess what, its for the very same reason the Greeks turned away from their gods... because we are realizing they are false, nonexistent. Just stories that played a part in controlling society.
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