• tattoo devilandsnakeskinriptattoo

    @MustacheVerra Actually, this is bullshit. Most of these white supremecists are anarchists. Besides, there is NO NEED for them to make up a false flag enemy. All they have to do is find those freaks who already exist, and demonise THEM. No need to create
  • tattoo demon164

    @Niggeritarian think of how different we must be from our last common ancestor with monkeys. a monkey could be a lot different to it too....all that time we have been evolving since then, monkeys have been evolving too. it was a primate i guess and a ma
  • tattoo demondeviltattoo

    @Niggeritarian @Skylar091 A misconception some people apparently have is that humans literally evolved from chimps (or one of the other modern apes), whereas we have a common ancestor that was different to both. That common ancestor was an ape though (a
  • tattoo death11

    @ThoseGamerguyz The "White looking people" marking latino, is the exception, not the rule. If one comes from european american parents (A.k.a. WHITE) then therefore they are European American (A.k.A. WHITE)!! Its not that hard to understand. Your only mak
  • tattoo demon160

    @PolitcalIslam Dumb asshole, If you want act smart with me, AT LEAST TRY not start your reply with a fragment. The Kettle calling the pot black. Also before you try to reply back with some mindless attempt to save face, my correction of the person I was r
  • tattoo demon154

    @ThirdRAILKink Because theres not a huge amount we can gather from this story. We dont know his entire belief system now, we just have a very general idea of what happened, and theres not a huge amount of substance. TYT is good at making their own subs
  • tattoo demon151

    @godmodes Her skin tone is white. Shes white. Whether her roots are Turkish or not, her skin is white. Shes white. She is of middle eastern descent, and her skin color is white. Shes white. Simple as that. Need me to repeat it a couple more times for you?
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