• tattoo def43

    @thesmithfamily99 Whites are the majority of the country they also are the ones who start most of the hate groups because they are the majority besides the minority comunity generally does not start organized groups specifically with the objective of torm
  • tattoo def17

    @wrestlinfan8388 proving the point of what people with low melanin levels are called white? for what reason?also have you not known that the data is back and no human being has a race for we all are the same subset of great african ape?there are no subset
  • tattoo def16

    @sturos1 From what I see most white people are the opposite which is why white people have become so lazy and submissive. I find hispanics and blacks are the ones that have to remind people every 5 minutes what race they are. White Supremacist make up a v
  • tattoo deerfamilytattoo

    @SuperBenzid lol some of the first talk of computers were in asia mostly japan.also dude this is fallacious reasoning the fact the person who invented the phone was white is not evidence for whites being special just that a white person invented something
  • tattoo deathtattoo

    @billybassman21 sir why wouldnt? we for over 400 years blacks especially had to be told no matter how hard we try we never will be you just lowly niggers so in modern times after all that you really think we could not constantly espouse about the fact we
  • tattoo deathskulltattoo

    @WinkyMaeve umm what do a bunch of people trying to conform to a culture have to do with his comment? also if you are implying what i tihnk you are this reasoning is fallacious you are trying to use the fact that these things happen as grounds to claim yo
  • tattoo death55

    @ThoseGamerguyz I didnt say I took pride in white invention just if someone did they wouldnt need to get tattoos to reinforce in the fact. Also the first computers ever built were not in Asia. Though China had the first robotic style setups if that is w
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