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    @WinkyMaeve also notice all of your examples are from places in the western world i have never seen a black country with skin lightener creme outside of the western world like south africa,and north african countries and possibly brazil.they are all tryin
  • tattoo death40

    @SuperBenzid no i said the ideas on the computer subject IDEA not the physical thing.also okay i misunderstood.lastly please dont encourage these people they are trying to incite a race war it so fucked up they have given rise to a counterpart "black supr
  • tattoo death30

    @WinkyMaeve lol you sir are falling prey to confirmation bias. sad really it truly is. now i have never wanted to look white personally i dont find the european ethnic groups appealing in any way why would i want to look like what iam not? also dude you d
  • tattoo death29

    @WinkyMaeve i said clearly it is due to their exposure to the culture of the west. this is obvious in what hunter gatherer tribal society do you see doing these things? none why? they were never exposed to western culture derp.also i never said that never
  • tattoo death23

    @WinkyMaeve i know a few white women who have gotten braids,but this anecdote does not mean anything nor does yours seeing as you provided no evidence to support your claim.your evidence for your superiority does not follow it only does in your brain beca
  • tattoo death18

    @WinkyMaeve self hate? where do you get this from? where is the "O" in the word self? lol also you never proved that this happens and is a big more thing yes braid are african the earliest cultures i.e. africans braided their hair lol its one
  • tattoo detailedscarificationcutting

    @Niggeritarian Leaving aside the word thing.keys. Humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees. Scientists believe this common ancestor existed 5 to 8 million years ago. Shortly thereafter, the species diverged in
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