• tattoo deertattoo

    @wrestlinfan8388 umm youre wrong on the application thing i have seen very "white" looking people mark latino why? because it is more so on culture the concept of "race" is based not skin tone.also the informaiton needs to be spread anywhere people stil
  • feather bracelet tattoo for ankle

    Why is having a bible verse at the end of a video bad? In any way? I pause the video at the end, so I didnt even notice it at first. And even if you did notice it, its literally a word and some numbers. Not even the verse itself. If you can be offended by a word and some letters, then you..
  • Fearful black ink gnarling gorilla tattoo on leg

    Great videos on tattoo! Made me very smart. Thank God I watched them because I had seriously been considering getting a tattoo for months. But all I knew about tattoo was needle + ink. Now that I know (thanks to you) what it involves, I made up my mind in a few mins i.e. NO WAY!!! Poor WB..
  • fantasy style colored tattoo with lettering

    I watched this Movie and it blew me away awesome!! I agree Hollywood should stop making remakes and making adaptated versions out of original films.Coz im pretty sure the remake will be PG and As rated,,it will be a shitty film if its made hollywood.I gave this film a 10/10 for clever and..
  • fantastic painted gorgeous england native tattoo

    No what gets me about christianity is how anyone who read the bible could believe it.... You can thank the American educational system for so many of average education believing in a story that is so easy to pick apart with the absolute littlest bit of study.... Study anymore and you ge..
  • yummy sweet cherry sexy foot tattoo

    This video represents Jesus taking the sin and the pain from your life where he bears your burdens and forgives your sin making you new. This has nothing to do with "Religion" this is about Jesus, the Son of God, who loves you so much that he died for your sins in order that you maybe f..
  • words under skin rip tattoo on shoulder

    i just got an owl tattoo as well! you think youre a baby, but mine took two and a half hours and i cried after the first half hour. BUT i never told the artist to stop so i could take a break so that says something right? haha. i also have the word believe on my arm, which is a matching t..
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