• yellow spider tattoo on arm

    ppl should never get tattoo of words/phrases in another language. lol srsly, most of the time i see these chinese word tattoos... where individually would make sense but when put together in a sentence, pure gibberish OR the words itself is written wrong/ not even the right word for the m..
  • yellow sun witn blue moon and rural landscape tattoo on shoulder

    I love how people keep saying what a great friend Kat is and why cant they have a friend like that. But Kat fired her after and they are not friends anymore. You never know what can happen. Dont put a persons face on your body. If it isnt your siblings or parent, things happen and you can..
  • ying yang tattoo koi fish lotus flowers

    I wonder how that date went tho? "hiii how are you? fine thanks, umm I like long walks on the bea.....pardon? face tattoo symbolizing our unending devotion even though we just met and theres a 99.9% chance that Ill horribly regret this infinitely ridiculous idea?........screw facebook off..
  • yin yang dragon tattoo Style1

    When someone mars themselves up so as to look like some kind of demon, they deserve any and all "judging a book by its cover" that they get. Its just plain retardation to voluntarily do that to ones self. Its asking for trouble and he got what he asked for. Yeesh, just when you think y..
  • Yin Yang Elements Tattoo1

    I did not ever once stated That , that may have been his reason. I as well do not know as for all of us, Just an opinion. Would it be so wrong for me to do so? unlike others poiting out that it is "in Fact" RIHANNA on his neck? Lets not jump to conclusions and try to make up excuses when ..
  • yin yang symbol on the wrist

    Yo. What if the family is traditional and does the whole samoan tribal tattoo thing when the boy turns like 15 or whatever the age because he is considered a man or something.... those tattoos are awesome IMO and dont really pose a threat to their lives while also furthering the familys b..
  • yin yang wolf tattoo

    Yes it is a horrible idea but none of your damn business. Plenty of cultures tattoo. Youre just being jerks. Unless you are an expert in psychology you are risking a wicked counter suit Where is the outrage for honor killings, selling your children to the church for prostitution, etc. B..
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