• young terrible santa muerte girl tattoo on leg

    Yeah but doing aesthetic art on someones body is different. Many tattoo artists stress how serious it is too, they want people to enjoy tattoos not regret it a few months later. I think a 14 year old could easily fall into a period of getting spontaneous tattoos that she will think was st..
  • fantastic painted multicolored peacock feather

    I think her stars are really nice but its not me sporting them. Personally though, I cant understand how her instructions got ignored and I wouldnt want to look into a mirror to discover the wrong art. Oh and I dont have tattoos because I think it hard to come up with a design that looks..
  • zombi green kitty tattoo

    you say tomahto i say tomayto.... theyre mutated monkeys that drive cars and work for the system to pay for there little boxes they live in.... any being that uses paper as a necessity to live cant be that different from one another, compared to the differences of all other life that co-e..
  • fairytail painted small arrow tattoo with pattern

    Yes, thats def a factor. Same with a persons skin type and if they sunbath a lot etc. Ive heard of people who had full colour tattoos look good as new after over a decade and others whos colour faded after less than a year. Mine have def faded a little and thats no discredit to my artist ..
  • Fairy violet sheep with moon and stars tattoo on shin

    Did this Tyler person do these things? Chris Brown did beat Rihanna. You are obviously a Brown fan so go ahead and support a piece of scum woman beater. Buy his albums and make him more famous and then he can abuse more women and get away with it like the scum he is. In essence youre just..
  • Family infinity quote tattoo on arm

    To all of you that like Tattoos go get one, or 20, I could care less. It is YOU that will have to live with the stigma as being seen as a fool. Try to not get any of the number of infections and diseases associated with getting them. Ill be spending my money on other things I value more..
  • fantastic art style painted black and white

    Thank you. Dont get me wrong people, I think what this guy did is crazy, I just think its a bit hypocritical for everyone to say hes wrong/should go to jail, yet we all get our children circumcised without their consent. Either parents have permission to modify their children, or they don..
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