• tattoo jesustat34

    lol Im sorry all i can do is find this funny. How am I overlooking His message and worshiping His method of torture? The whole message is that HE DIED FOR US, TO CLEANSE US OF OUR SIN. Just because i said what He did, never did i say i worship his torture?!?! lol?
  • tattoo jesustat37

    No matter what ridiculous explanation you try to give, Jesus clearly wanted everyone to follow Old Testament rules. He said it numerous times. The entire religion is bullshit so it doesnt matter anyway, but just stop pretending you know what youre talking about.?
  • tattoo jesustat40

    i read an article on this story, said the girl asked for all the stars but when her angry dad asked, she said she only wanted 3 and fell asleep so she wouldnt be in trouble. it also said the tattoo artist still offered to pay for some of the laser removal surgery.?
  • tattoo jesustat44

    Thanks to you, Im who I am today. I love the fact that Im different. At first it was hard to come to terms with my sexuality but when I found out about you, it became hard not to tell people. Im very happy who I am now and it all thanks to you. Thank you Jeffree?
  • tattoo kidsportraittattoo

    Know that some tattoo artist hate when you go in with a picture from Pinterest or of someone elses tattoo that everyone wants. When this is the third feather turning into birds tattoo of the day, you get fed up. Understand that I said some, not all tattoo artists.?
  • tattoo jesusandcherubstattoodesign

    P.S. Ive had two relatives who were murdered---one for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and another for trying to do the right thing at the wrong time---that didnt inspire me to preach that anyone who makes a critical mistake should be executed.
  • tattoo japanese0131

    Someone asked a legitimate question about how Jesus can be God(but only born 2000 years ago). And I gave an answer using a video my a Christian pastor who has picked examples in the Bible proving that God exists beyond our understanding/dimension and linear time.?
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