• tattoo jesustat47

    Why do u put a line between science and religion? Do you really think that small? If God is the creator, why wouldnt he create science, so that we could have something to think of? I AM protestant and believe on science, is that so hard believing for you atheists??
  • tattoo jesus92

    Coming from someone with multiple tattoos eye tattoos are supper daingerous and tricky to preform. Even though tattoos have become extreamly safe over past few years (unless you are allergic to the ink), that shit could cause blindess. That guy fucked up big time.?
  • tattoo jesus23

    1 its none of ur business .2 its not ur body or ur kid or famliy member. 3 why do u care for? So what im saying is fuck off and u shouldnt care and I think its fine and awesome yea she might have ruined her face and luck to get a job but its none of ur business ?
  • tattoo jesus22

    No its not. Its ridiculous. She completely sabotaged her face. Plus she only knew him for a day! Thats not true love! Ive been with my boyfriend for seven months and I still wouldnt get his name tattooed. But her FACE?! Yeah, she can have fun finding a job. ?
  • tattoo jesus11

    I have 3. A sunflower for my grandma on my left shoulder with her name, birth year and year she died. A wrench cross on my right shoulder for my grandpa, with his name year he was born and year of death. And on my left forearm I have a rose that is black and blue.?
  • tattoo jesus08

    I saw a few tattoos that were actually kindof amusing (not that Id want them on MY body) but on the whole... if you are going to put something permanently on your body, for the love of all thats holy, get someone who knows how to spell and draw very well do it.?
  • tattoo jessicarabbitmovietattoo

    Why is the title "The girl with the Dragon Tatto" it makes it sound like the book is about Lisbeth, while its not. Sure shes the most interesting character but its hardly a reason to name the book after her. Honestly "Men who hate Women" is a way better title.?
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