• tattoo japanesetattoopicture

    No matter what, I really cant see where you people are coming from. Do you hate your natural skin that much that you think tattoos will make you look better? Are you so bored with your blank canvas of a body that you think it needs something to catch your eye??
  • tattoo japanesesamuraitattoo 0

    Christians dont have a right to say crap with all their gun waving hating on the poor and denying then healthcare and compassion Im sure they wouldnt complain if they had placed some guns in the hands of the actor portraying Jesus.... bunch of hypocrites .?
  • tattoo kidstattoo 0

    And on the subject of face tattoos, or any less popular locations, its all in the eye of the beholder. I would NEVER tattoo my face. But maybe someone would like it, and if thats what you like, thats who you look for. I mean, its not my face, who am I to judge.?
  • tattoo japanese0140

    i think that all of those chrostians who pontificate about jesus bleeding buckets of blood for all of our sins will have a hell of a lot more explaining to do than some buddhist monk who sets us an interesting example by sitting on his ass all day hurting noone..?
  • tattoo jesustattoodesign3

    my hand clicked on a minecraft video, and then it went on to funny cats, then fat kids falling into ice, then a snake eating a hamster (the guy was so cruel, just standing and watching) then i came here, and now ive decided what the hell, im going back to minecraft?
  • tattoo japanese090

    I am an Atheist, I do not believe any of this stuff. But what really gets me is that there are interpretations of the bible and especially the new testament that actually make sense and most Christians seem to be dead set on avoiding them under all circumstances.?
  • tattoo leg49

    If a dog with a little bit of pink hair is the biggest of your worries... I dont even know. And if the dog doesnt seem to mind being pink, I dont see a huge problem with dying a dogs fur if it didnt harm the dog at all... The dog looks more than okay, dammit! xD?
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