• tattoo jesustat45

    Ill probably never get a tattoo. Nothing against them and I actually really admire other peoples tattoos. Its just that I can be VERY OCD at times that I feel like Ill never have the "perfect" tattoo in the "perfect" spot. Some things arent meant for everyone.?
  • tattoo leg51

    Question: is there a limit to how much of the ink can be released into the body in a given removal session? I understand having heavy metals in the dermis is not great, surely having it all released suddenly into the lymph system (? blood stream?) could be dangerous??
  • tattoo kidtattoo57

    It says "Daddys LITTLE Girl" not "Daddys Girl"... it completely changes the context and not one of you have quoted the tattoo in full. Its still a fucking terrible idea, but theres no sexual connotation unless you quote the tattoo out of context. Typical media.?
  • tattoo leg17

    Old Testament laws such as the death penalty for disobedient children (and for anyone who "is a wizard" and adulterers especially since anyone who remarries is one) were the reason God gave us a New Covenant. (Something that the Apostle Paul apparently overlooked.)?
  • tattoo leg11

    But this tattooing of a minor is bullshit. If the minor is willing to get the tattoo they should be allowed. Sure, most minors get stupid tattoos, but it still should be allowed. As long as the parent and minor both consent, tattooing a minor shouldnt be a crime?
  • tattoo latinwritingtattoo 0

    Religion is like a tatoo.... indoctrinating your kids to believe crazy shit and to disregard critical thinking is a permanent blemish- and possibly irreversible -on the brain. (Some might say its worse than a tatoo. I would.) Therefore religion is also child abuse.?
  • tattoo latintextarmtattoo

    The whole battered woman issue aside--how in the hell does someone with this much money get tattoo work done by an "artist" with this little talent? Whatever this is supposed to be, it is one thing for sure--a god awful tattoo. I just cant believe this is possible.?
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