• tattoo latin71

    I love you guys & what you do. Ive been watching your videos since last night & totally blew my mind with everything Ive watched so far. From the toddler drinking to the 18 yrs old girl who got a face tattoo (unfortunately). Amazing, I love & support you guys 100%?
  • tattoo latin70

    And please be certain, Ana Kasparian, that if your ancestors would have known their grand-children would end up claiming to be a "young turk", that your armenian ancestors - the ones that died in the genocide and the other ones as well - would now spit to your face.?
  • tattoo latin21

    Okay 1. Saying that Americans are racist, that just makes you a prick. 2. She made that choice to tattoo her face, in my opinion it wasnt the wisest nor was it a clear choice. However, I do hope she lives in happiness and learn from this mistake if things go wrong.?
  • tattoo latin13

    Im getting a small Elephant on my Wrist because they are quite special to me. This is because my Grandma who lives on Thailand is quote close with Elephants and I have ridden one before so yeah and I might also get the initials A C which is Audrey Cain, my grandma.?
  • tattoo latin11

    Whenever I say that I might get a Harry Potter tattoo, people just laugh at me. They think that just because its "a kids book", that its not just as worthy to have as any animal or quote tattooed onto you. They dont understand how important Harry Potter is to me.?
  • tattoo kidtattoo68

    Uncircumcised mens only benefit is more sexual pleasure. Being circumcised has many health benefits such as decreased risks of: urinary tract infections, STIs, and penis inflammation. Its way cleaner (hygiene), and it looks and works better (personal opinion). ?
  • tattoo latin09

    You know how society feels about facial tattoos. They look gross so stop complaining people treat you different. That was your choice. Also he hit the nail on the head when he said he loved the attention. That"s the main reason people get them. They crave attention.?
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