trilbalt tattoo

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  • big christian style black ink cross with

    Half of these didnt even seem fail. A tattoo is a form of self expression. Just because you dont like it does not make it fail. Perhaps the title of this video should be "What d0uble00h3lix considers a fail tattoo".?
  • beautiful red rose with wings throat tattoo

    +will benson I simply do not agree. We were raised to think people with tattoos and piercings are dangerous, mean, thugs.. etc. Sure that may be true for some, but does EVERY dangerous person have a tattoo or tattoos?
  • beautiful realistic jesus crowned with thorns tattoo on arm

    Let the girl do what she wants! No one gives a shit if you think its trashy or not! Dont click on the fucking link to the video if all your going to do is bitch about it in the comments! Enough said, now shut up...?
  • beautiful phoenix tattoo on whole back for girls

    +fozzibab Not really a problem for the girls.. this is why guys cant donate their blood if they have tons of tattoos, girls have their period every month which clears their blood.. Thats what Ive heard somewhere..?
  • beautiful colored big natural elephant with

    First of respect that you did not even cry out properly and I know how severely on the site hurts a tattoo and I have indeed only the face warped but only because I can bear pain without crying but inside Im crying?
  • beautiful geisha tattoo on back for girls

    SuperBenzid i have no problem with certain cultural pride,but it is very vile in human relations to promote things like racial pride especially since biologically we dont have races anyway. no sarcasm you too mate.?
  • beautiful colorful fairy tattoo designs for girls

    I dont understand tattoos at all. Its just a picture of something. Why would you make it permanent on your body when later youll see something you like more or get tired of the one you have already. Dont get it!!!!?
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