trilbalt tattoo

trilbalt tattooTop

  • watercolor cute owl forearm tattoo by Ivana Belakova

    hey to each his own. whatever floats your boat. In my worthless opinion this is the stupidest trend I have ever seen and I hope it ends soon, especially on girls, tramp stamps are bad enough but goddamn it-I want to see sexy feminine women, not women who look like friggin ernest borgnine...
  • watercolor american flag tattoo on shoulder

    Thanks so much for understand other feeling , I am very appreciated you time and support . I wish if have more people like you in this world it will be more peaceful place to be and will make life more easier to be who you can be but good mankind to each other to move on . Thanks again fo..
  • watercolor dragonfly tattoo on leg for girls

    Hes guilty fine, Lock him up. However let us think for a moment about why we assume a tattooed person is a bad person. What if this man was Polynesian. Up until about 200 - 300 years ago body mod., homosexuality, unshaven women, and a whole ton of other things were in fact common place al..
  • white ink pigeon with blade of grass tattoo

    Well, I think they are, as I dont believe that children at that age should be making such permanent decisions. Your original comment seemed to imply that you think the rights of parents to do whatever they want is really important though. That no one but the parents should interfere in a ..
  • watercolor bird origami tattoo by Deanna Wardin

    The tattoo looks amazing, dont let people tell you otherwise. Tattoos are fucking amazing and sexy as hell. People that hate tattoos or think theyre "trashy" or "destroying your body" dont understand why people get them and the art and passion behind it. Tattoo looks great, and I love Kat..
  • watercolor portrait of two of wolves tattoo on shoulder

    What Im implying is sometimes people regret their tattoos and sometimes they dont. Whether or not I like your tattoos, for instance, isnt important... only whether or not you like your tattoos. Some people feel their tattoos were a mistake, and often they feel that way because they got ..
  • white lily flower tattoo on ribs

    I was obviously being facetious. Pointing to how blindly stupid the whole Jesus Saved Us story is. One guy got beat and executed, and that entitles him to the worship of the world? Seems to me (and you, eh?) that theres a lot of suffered and died types out there that dont get any love com..
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