trilbalt tattoo

trilbalt tattooTop

  • white ink lace and black spider forearm tattoo

    okay genius, point me to my comment where I said not being circumcised was bad. you cant because I didnt say anything about that I just said there is nothing wrong with being circumcised and that its for hygiene. yes things can go wrong as with anything. deal with it, go be butthurt so..
  • whale with cap tattoo on thigh

    For a smart person, you seem rather obsessed with being a cunt. Theres no need for the personal attacks. This is what the internet is for though, allowing stupid people to preach their opinions as facts, then disparage people who disagree with their opinions so they can feel better about ..
  • whale tilting ship tattoo on chest by Chriss Dettmer

    Personally, if I did get a tattoo, Id steer away from names and faces, especially lovers. My mums ex (Ex- step dad if you will) had all of his kids name (including me) tattooed on his back, which was still a bit off but at least your kids are always your kids, even if you fight. Lovers? N..
  • watercolor horse tattoo on shoulder blade

    no te creo tu mierda de video eres una actriz de mala calidad y buscas fama maldita perra ....tu puto maquillaje en la pierna se veia buen intento pero a mi no me enga?as... aparte nadie se pone con un video a mostrar esa infeccion prefiero ir al doctor en vez de estar subiendo videos a y..
  • watercolor young wolf tattoo by Jay Freestyle

    Oh now I see it: It says "conqer". I also thought the ending was -noer, but couldnt make anything up from the first two letters. You made me see that the second one was an "o" and then I noticed that the fourth one actually is a "q". So yeah, I assume the first letter represents a "c". Th..
  • watercolor whale tattoo on arm by Marcin Surowiek

    I totally agree with other comments here. This movie is perfect in Swedish-personally I dont need to see it done in English. I saw an interview with Noomi Rapace and she said she was done with Lisbeth and wanted to move on. So for myself this is the definitive Girl with the Dragon Tatt..
  • whale tattoo in new style on arm

    The only reason people tend to offend is because they either feel inferior and need to proove that feeling wrong but can not find a proper way to do it or because for some reason they feel far more supperior and able to jugde everyone which for me creates negativity and is not beautiful a..
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