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  • watercolor portrait of young vampiress tattoo

    it was crosstians who crucified just one more pain in the ass jewish intellectual- to then hold him up as an excuse to spend the next two thousand years killing feck knows how many more millions of jews. before some jews fully got the message and now feel entitled to set up their own raci..
  • white tiger tattoo

    If youre willing to accept that the Shroud of Turan isnt a fake, why do you question he was the SOn of God? Jesus performed miracles and this was clearly documented in the Bible...he was foretold to a sacrifice in the Old Testament and that even stupid foolish people like you would doubt ..
  • watercolor style painted multicolored mystical

    There is absolutely zero reason for there even to exist an American version. The Swedish version is positively exquisite.. if American audiences cant be bothered to read subtitles, maybe they should get a little practice reading something other than the free-clinic pamphlets and the fast ..
  • simple black and white geometric flower

    @pdrocha13: Its popular for sure. Was the best-selling European film of 2009. Whether its good or not is really subjective. The critics liked it though and it won many awards including a BAFTA for best non-English language film. :) And two years later a
  • sharp painted detailed black and white

    @MadHaTTe1992 Word up! I dont know where the rest of you are from but Im swedish and just having seen the trailer for Finchers adaption, it seems to me that hes succeded in his plan to do a very "swedish" movie (he thought the actual swedish film trie
  • Sheep head and gyspy girl tattoo on side

    @elusuario989 No, she got her own movie because someone in hollywood came up with an idea for a movie and she auditioned for it and they liked how she acted and when they saw that she had the tattoo they just decided to name the movie that since they had
  • ship with skull and roses full sleeve tattoo

    @connerisa I think america made bad rep for screwing other remakes like japanese horror films.Sometimes they overlook the story & miss the entire concept, and their own"interpetation"of it screws it up more. I think atm, yes, they ARE lazy, but when they
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