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  • Sighty american classic tattoo with rose on waist

    @connerisa You can say that, but Im at a loss to see any other reason why you would remake a series of films made only a couple of years ago, which are perfectly well directed, feature phenomenal acting and a plot which is perfectly understandable by a w
  • simple abstract style multicolored little tattoo

    @MyFrozenGarden David Fincher is not just remaking it so us stupid americans dont have to read. hes remaking it to show his and the screen writers adaptations of the book and so more people get to see it. I have no problems reading subtitles but Im exc
  • Simple black and white sheep tattoo on side

    @DieWalrossen David Fincher is remaking? it. He is the man behind se7en, fight club, and the social network. The movie is in capable hands. It is also bringing the story to a group of people who may have not read the book or seen the original yet. Chri
  • sharp designed colored big lonely tree

    @Dhakadice I just find it pretty annoying that they have to remake every successful foreign film or series into a hollywood blockbuster. The Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was really fantastic, not that the American one will necessaril
  • Severe black ink gorilla head tattoo on arm

    The David Fincher remake is going to BLOW the shitty original out of the water. I dont give a shit what anyone else says, David Fincher is an awesome director. I bet once The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes out the original wont even be mentioned lol!
  • simple black ink massive floral tattoo on

    @MyFrozenGarden Ive come to understand that in Hollywood any movie thats guaranteed to make money is guaranteed to get made whether or not it should. I also think the original Swedish movies are amazing and a remake so soon after their release isnt nece
  • simple colored cute deer tattoo on arm

    @bloodrunsclear normally i would agree with you.. but this isnt a remake of the original.. its a re-adaptation of the novel.. the novel is the source material, and not the swedish film.. that being said, Finchers films are pieces of art.. and this new mo
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