trilbalt tattoo

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  • wolf dagger hand beautiful picture women

    The only difference between me and a serial killer is I have a moral compass, I only kill in defense of myself or someone else, I thirst for blood as much as any other serial killer, but Ive got the moral constraint and a plentitude of justified targets here in gangland LA to keep me from..
  • wobderful idea of jesus tattoo on leg

    OH MY GOSH.Tyler I just got my first tattoos today and then I found this video! I got them done in the worst place for a beginner: Under the breasts which essentially is the ribcage. It hurt. A lot. But it was worth it. :) Its tattoos of the name of my Aunt and friend who passed away. The..
  • wild rhino tattoo running in fire

    I have a music tattoo but I made sure it held meaning to me more than just being from a band I really like. Plus even if I did grow out of them, I would still appreciate the tattoo as I know that there was a time where the band was very important to me and helped me through tough times. T..
  • wildflowers forearm tattoo for girls

    Jesus had different messages---some were positive, some negative. The prophecies were written by different people who had different ideas about who he was. Your cherry-picking of Jesus messages doesnt matter--it matters what he said, and he definitely wanted all of the Old Testament rules..
  • wolf head with silhouette of a wolf forearm tattoo

    For some people they are a big deal and getting a 14 year old a tattoo is very irresponsible as a parent. When you get older you might understand that parents arent your "friends", theyre suppose to guide you not put some idiotic tattoo on you. And when you remove a tattoo it leaves a red..
  • watercolor anchor and gulls tattoo on hip

    In my personal opinion, tattoos are an art form. I think of the body as a blank canvas, open to customize and modify to your desire. Tattoos and other body modifications are way of expression just as clothing and accessories. Once again, this is only my opinion. Nobody is obligated to agr..
  • watercolor marine jellyfish tattoo on leg for girls

    I might be trolling, or I might be a "dumbass", but last time I checked, its not illegal to use Hash-tags on YouTube. And Personally, When people hate me I feel warm and fuzzy inside. Its like my drug. It keeps me going. I hope you have a night morning/evening, because my day was most def..
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