trilbalt tattoo designs

trilbalt tattoo designsTop

  • lovely face buddha witn lotus tattoo on arm

    Of course it wont be 100% of the time, but the point is removing the unnecessary circumcisions. Most of those "health" issues can wait until a person is older, and most doctors agree its not recommended on newborns though its often practiced. ?
  • lovely day of the dead girl with pink rose tattoo

    sorry the majority of christians are not cut. the bible says not to Galatians 5:2 and several other passages. paul was against circumcision. people in america are cut not because of religion instead because it has been installed into our culture.
  • lovely colorful red fox with bird forearm tattoo

    If that werent so, then the rate of penile cancer, HIV and so forth would be higher in similarly developed countries like e. g. Denmark, where only a low percentage is circed (~5%) than in the US (where a high percentage is circed, about 3/4).
  • Lovely color ink rottweiler in chained dog coller tattoo on thigh

    Ok, Im not standing up for this guy, but when you guys get up on your high horse like that and pay out on someone to make yourselves feel better - it makes for awful, and I mean horrendous, viewing. If its not an insightful story - why bother???
  • lovely buddhist and lotus tattoo on back for girls

    "to me" being the key part of your whole comment. Society as a whole does not have to agree with your views. Probably worst people in human history were people that look all clean cut : Adolf hitler, George Bush, did they scream prison to you ??
  • lovely realistic horse tattoo

    I am, but I have been raised with lots of culture. My fave classic movie is La Strada, directed by Federico Fellini. My friends & I love foreign films so much, we share our thoughts & one thing we all agree on, they all have so much Passion. Yess!?
  • lovely angel girl tattoo on half sleeve

    Some of you guys just arent getting it. Its not that people are criticizing her as much as reeling in horror over the decision. Its empathy. Theres a snowballs change in hell she wont regret this as the worst mistake shes made in her life.?
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