trilbalt tattoo designs

trilbalt tattoo designsTop

  • lovely colorful lion in a thicket tattoo on arm

    Damnit I dont want to know about that asshole. If everyone would just stop talking about him, maybe hell go away. Yet I still click. Because I love TYT and I know they will just reinforce my opinion of that douche- I dare not even say his name.
  • little realistic black ink lonely tree with

    My mother always told me, never get a tattoo of someones name, you might change your mind, if you get a great idea for a tattoo, sit on it for few months, you might change your mind. Ive never regretted a tattoo thanks to these two simple rules.
  • Little old school anchor chained with huge compass tattoo for men on forearm

    +Hachiko Blackblood Same, I dont think people actually know what theyre doing when they get tattoos on their faces. If you want to be a carnival freak fine, but anyone who wants to remotely fit in to society at all should rethink that decision.?
  • little crown behind the ear tattoo

    And considering how much time you wasted on here arguing with people, I have a hard time believing your love life is so great and that youre drowning in pussy yourself; you probably have absolutely no business giving romantic advice, whatsoever.?
  • little colored fairy clock tattoo on wrist

    Tattoos stretch and shrink all the time. I got my first tattoo on my thigh when I was 55lbs heavier, needless to say, its shrunken a bit since BUT, when I get down to my goal and start to strengthen and tone more, it will stretch with my muscles.
  • list.txt

    You want a tattoo? Then get a tattoo. Just make sure it has meaning, and can easily be covered up in a job interview or at work in general. Unless youre a tattoo artist/artist/musician/bar tender/anything that would fit into this category thing.
  • list.bat

    I want the symbol of poseidon in the back of my neck… for the pjo fandom. Dont judge. I also want an anchor and the phrase "I refuse to sink" across my top rib because thats my favorite quote ever and has gotten me through a lot of tough times.?
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