trilbalt tattoo designs

trilbalt tattoo designsTop

  • Thin white ink feather tattoo on wrist

    Look at it from a bible perspective, look at how sin is merely things you do every day and think its normal. Back then there was innocence, just look at the rate of teenage pregnancies, divorces, profanity, sexuality. That change is enough proof we are close to the prophecies spoken in th..
  • the lion king by alekspunktattoos

    not once did i call canadians stupid. and you really show you dont know what youre talking about saying "most americans cant find the usa on a map" but even with that i know what it is that youve misunderstood. but this "map that is labeled" thing i honestly dont know where you get that f..
  • lovely classic pin up girl tattoo on ribs

    Well, if you tattoo things such as a smiley face or a lightning bolt on your arm that doesnt say anything bad about you. However if you cover your face and the top of your head with weird-ass tattoos there is something definitely wrong with you.?
  • terrible gragoyle tattoo on shoulder

    I never understand why people always complain about people who color theyr dogs. Seriously, it does not hurt the animal, the animal does not care what color it is; it sees it as a typical bath. Everybody should first check out the facts before they start playing animal activists. :,,,,,,,..
  • lovely sailor pin up tattoo by Xavier Garcia

    This is the english adaption of the book. It isnt a remake of the Swedish film. People need to stop misguidedly complaining.The reason why its so different is because it is a DIFFERENT AND SEPARATE adaptation of the original work, Larsons novel.
  • terrible clown with a broken skull tattoo

    I understand this is a matter of taste but i have to point out that in the daniel craig version lisbeths look is a million times more believable. In the swedish version it looks more like a costume, not so much what someone would actually wear and it puts me off a bit.. both are good film..
  • Tender pink lotus flower tattoo sleeve for women on forearm

    next story: "Kimberly sues tattoo removal clinic for removing too many stars from her face. There I was, telling the people to only remove 52 stars, but then I woke up and there were only 2 stars left on my face.I must have fallen asleep during the excruciatingly painful tattoo removal pr..
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